Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Tyler!

 These pictures are in reverse order, but I'm too lazy to re-arrange them. Here's an 8x8 page I made (I also made another one probably for a frame as a baby shower gift) to use up the rest of this adorable Echo Park line. I hope to have a boy named Jack someday. :) If not, I'll switch out the letters. Unconceived Jack also has a baby journal I'm saving for him. I'm a dork.
 Here's a pictures of future Jack.

Boy page: I didn't have enough scraps left to do any more of Tyler's book, but couldn't throw any away! I also made about 15 mini cards.
 Here are two huge framed pictures that I "inherited" from my Grandma & Papa. Since I don't foresee putting them on my walls (sorry, GG Grandma & Grandpa, just not my style), I made these pages for my scrapbook. I love them. I love how I can see my Papa in his parents and my Grandma in her parents. Family is so important, and I'm so grateful for the heritage I have.
 I get a kick out of this one: this is their wedding photo, and can't you just see the bliss emanating from them? They look thrilled! :)
 And here are the pages I did for Tyler's book in the past few weeks. We're up to 1985, 4 years down, 14 left to go!

 Such a cutie! But I don't think I can see Katie in him too much.

 This is a hilarious picture from Tyler's childhood: his older brother Scott dressed as an NFL football player--painted to be African American. Tyler's journaling says, "apparently this costume was socially acceptable in Montana in the 1980's. I'm a pumpkin."

Tyler's mom did such a good job of taking memorable, cute, and characteristic pictures of Tyler. I can't wait to bring the album to show her in Cody in a few weeks!

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