Saturday, September 24, 2011

Echo Park Life is Good

I bought Echo Park's collection pack (I adore companies who sell their complete lines in collection packs.) and finally got around to using it the last couple of nights.

The main event! When my scrapbooking girls came to visit, they got such a kick out of reading Katie's 2009 tweets that I figured I may as well put another book on the shelf next to it. I already had the tweets copied from Twitter onto a Word document, formatted, and printed, so it was easy to start. I just chose the paper pack to use, and went to work! Everything in the album is from the collection pack except for those gorgeous blue chipboard letters in "tweets" on the front here. (Those are Bella BLVD.) I LOVE this line!

I still have to add ribbons. And an apostrophe. It's an album with an acrylic cover, from Little Yellow Bicycle. I love this for this album, since each page fits a ton of tweets on it.
 I put spaces for pictures, but didn't look through my photo archives for them yet...that's a project for another night. I inked the edges of the tweets, and used Mod Podge on everything to make it nice and solid, since there aren't page protectors.

 Maybe my favorite part (except for the tweets themselves, of course) is the back.
I'd give it to Katie for her birthday next month, but I don't think she'll appreciate it for a few years. Instead, I think I'll get her that Sleeping Beauty dress and a big giant lollipop. :)

As a happy by-product of the main project using it, I created two pocket pages for our 2011 memorabilia. With my blog books, I don't do chronological scrapbooking, but I still need a place to put tickets, birthday cards, etc.

And to use up the rest of my scraps (seriously, I only throw away tiny pieces after I've used all I possibly can.), I made a few cards. I end up sending quite a few for my church these days. Especially get well soon cards, can you tell?

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Elizabeth said...

I love, love, love the tweets--the tweets themselves and the book! So super cute. I must do this for Sadie :)