Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tyler's Album...1985-87!

I know my scrapbooking blog hasn't shown it, but I have actually been down in my scrapbook room quite a bit for the past few weeks. :) Pretty much every night I come down and do a side or two of Tyler's album. I'm still liking the WE R pages with different-sized picture slots. But, it isn't saving as much work/time as I had envisioned because there has only been about two 4x6 pictures yet! And lots and lots of Polaroids. But that's ok. It's still fun to use so many patterns and little detail pieces.  

These pictures drive me crazy because they're in the plastic still, but there was no way I was taking out all those papers to take pictures. :) So here you have them, blown up so you can see the pictures. 

 Tyler had a lot of dress up pictures around 1987. :) With sisters on either side, he was just going along with the game. :)

 I like that Tyler's mom saved some newspaper articles about Mom & Dad for each child. They are awesome! (the articles and the Mom & Dad)

It wasn't until I was cleaning up after this page that I found the strip of the cut-up class photo that had the teachers' heads on them! Oops! So it's tucked behind. 

I'm seriously in love with this Bella BLVD line, Family Dynamix. The colors are so fun, and work super well with Tyler's turquoise shirts! :)

 Ok, seriously? This bunny is one of the freakiest things I've ever seen. It belongs in a horror movie. And I thought our modern-day version with glasses was weird.

What a cutie Tyler was! I hope we have a boy someday who looks just like him. More pages soon!

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