Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jack & Aiden's Books

I'm using a K&Co Smash book (green) for the boys' baby albums. I love them already because I'm able to keep up! The patterns are already there, so if I feel like adding more patterned paper, I can, but if I don't, it still looks complete. I'm mostly using flat stickers so it doesn't get too thick.

I adore how Katie draws me, Jack & Aiden. They're happy in there. So I had her draw our family in each of their books.
 I'm making their books basically the same, because I don't have a lot to differentiate them, except I know which one is Baby A and Baby B and what sides they're on. But for a few weeks, one was moving a lot more than the other, so I wrote different journaling for them. (The difference turned out to be mostly that Baby B was breach.)
Most of the journaling about their pregnancy is going on my blog and thus in my blog book for the year, but I try to write extra information and an overview about once a month. I'm using extra embellishments, etc. that I have hanging around, so their books do end up being different.

I'm pretty proud to already have their ultrasound pictures in their books! :) I'm so on top of this twins thing...I think I just barely put the rest of Jane's baby stuff in a book a few weeks ago. She's 2 1/2.
And the pages I did last night, putting in some baby shower cards. Sort of nice to split the cards between two books, less bulky. :)
I'm anxious for the new Bella BLVD alphabets to come out, I'm running a little low on some colors! :)

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