Saturday, January 28, 2017

2 Boy Albums

Now for the boy lines! I love it all. I just pull out the paper and then find all the coordinating embellishments in my leftover stash from other lines. I love using up old stuff. These albums will stay blank to give as baby shower gifts.
This one is a flip-up, flip-out kind of album, which was fun to do.

And this one is one with interesting little holes cut out it in the pages. It'll depend on if you can position the photos so the little baby face peeks from the next page. :) But I did put some things in the holes from page to page. A nice way to put a bulkier embellishment in this type of craft board book.

And then with the last few papers, I covered a couple of composition notebooks. I made some like this for my girls and we use them as back-and-forth journals. Katie's, I started before she was born. Jane's, I started on her first birthday. And now my "poor" boys, starting them when they are almost five. :) Oh well. That's what they get, being the 3rd and 4th kids. I used magnets to make the strap across the front. One glued to the front and the other glued inside the ribbon strap. Extra fun.

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