Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been working on Benjamin's (my 16-year-old brother) scrapbook lately. Here's a page from Scout Camp using Bo Bunny's line. Love it.

Then when I have only a little bit of a line left in my bag (I separate the lines into 12x12 bags, and stack them on my shelf.) I sometimes make a blank layout for future use.

Same here. I was finishing up Benjamin's baseball pictures, and he's out of the baseball scene now, having chosen other sports for high school, so I wanted to use up all the baseball stuff I had. I don't see me needing baseball scrapbook stuff for a few years, and then I can buy new. So I was trying to use up everything I had. :)

The title on this one is sort of hard to read. It's sisters in rhinestones. Anyhow, this page is about my two funny girls on our trip to Utah this summer.

A couple of pages for Jane's book using Bella Blvd.

And Benjamin's book again. I'm doing the sports pages, can you tell? 8th grade track. Because of my dad's good camera, I have a lot of "series" photos. I like these photos, but am having a hard time doing them any different ways. Ideas?

Easy page. Haha.

My favorite part of this page is that I used a Mexican paper I bought a long time ago for our cruise and didn't end up using it. I thought I'd never be able to use it. :) Thank goodness Benjamin decided to be a Mexican Box Cow for Halloween.

And more series photos.

I did all of Benjamin's basketball photos in a mini book from KI Memories, and so put his 2008 ones onto the same (oddly not oval) pages to add to that ring-bound book. Since he's done with basketball also, I was trying to use up all of my old basketball-themed stuff, too. :)

This is where I ran out of baseball-themed papers. :) You don't always have to use baseball paper to scrapbook baseball pictures! Instead, look at colors or shapes. I used the uniform colors to choose the pp, and they happened to have circles (like baseballs) on them. It works.

And some other ones...a bunch of birthday years for which he only had a few photos. So they got combined into one page.

Love how this one came together. so simple.

For Benjamin's albums, I'm using American Craft's D-Ring albums, and one of my favorite things about them is that you can add different sized-pages in there. This time I'm not doing too many 8.5x11 pages, because I like the bigger format, but I'm going to add some 6x12 pages in there for variety.

And that's all for now!

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Abbeyfan said...

Katie's cute.
Jane's cute.
Smores and snores is cute.
Benjamin really does have better high jumping form, now that he's getting close past the 6'0" mark, and getting his own personal track trainer in Switzerland!