Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Benjamin's Book

Some more pages for Benjamin's book. A bunch of random Christmas pictures that I didn't want to leave out, but for which I didn't want to make separate pages. I think the only reason I like how this turned out is because of the Thicker title. :) All scraps from my Christmas bag, which is now pretty much empty.

A super simple page. Just a slit in the top to put a newspaper article into.

And, finally done with Cross Country & Track 2009 layouts! Yay!

Finally, I got out a frame and looked through my paper to find the perfect background for these nativity guys (and girl) that Amber & I made last Christmas time. We just got a lot of coordinating paper and folded them over paper rectangles so they look like kimonos. I love it! I'm either going to spray paint the frame black or sand it so it looks rustic. Can't decide which.

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