Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

I'm working on Benjamin's book still. In part, I think, "He's a guy. He won't care what these pages look like." So I'm happy to use up my old stuff, repeat layouts. But it's not as satisfying as making a page I love. So I'm doing a little of each. :) Maybe his future wife someday will like them.

So, some simple pages, using paper I bought "because I liked it." Some of it I've had for awhile...

And some old class kits. As much as I may have liked these at one point, by now I'm pretty tired of looking at them. :) So I'm glad to get pictures on them!

The rest of a Basic Grey line...

for BJ.

And for me. My friend Christina always scrapped without photos, which I never understood. But now I do. My pages turn out completely differently when I scrapbook without pictures.

And Bella Blvd for Benjamin.

And some Bella Blvd for me. :)

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Abbeyfan said...

I like how Abbey in the (which one??) is in her sailor outfit, and she wore the same thing a few years later as her school uniform in Japan. haha