Monday, October 29, 2012

Christy's Pages

Moving right along (very slowly) with making pages for Christy's book. Using up lines of paper and embellishments that I've had for a long time. Fancy Pants' Dancing Girl, Basic Grey, Bella BLVD,
 Some great pictures and memories. I forgot why she had all these bandaids on her face...

Baby stuff. My mom kept all of the baby things in separate paper bags, marked Scrapbooking. I like to think she would have joined me in my hobby. We could go on scrapbooking retreats together. Today is my mom's birthday, and I'm really missing her, thinking about her a lot.

 Here's a great picture of Christy and Mom.

 A page I made blank, and added this picture of Christy with Ryan. Christy is the best.
What's that up there? A paperkin. Oh yes it is. 

Our first family photos without my Mom in them. It's a testament to my Dad's leadership and our deep faith in our reunion with Mom & Adeline in the next life that we are all smiling. 

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