Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christy Pages & Blank

Working through some of my packs of paper/collections! Some of these are several years old, but they're all new to me! After I make a project or a layout or two, I always use up the extras in blank ones. Then I use them for future pictures. Or I imagine myself signing up for a craft fair and putting them all up for sale for $5 each. Hmmm.
 A pocket page for all of Katie's papers/cards/goodies from the year.
 Extra page.
 Thanksgiving Pie with Caroline page for Christy's album. I love the berries.

And how perfect is this chipboard bike sticker for Christy's 10th birthday, when she got a bike! I didn't even realize that until I had already made most of the layout and was looking at embellishments. I made a pull-out for all of the treasure hunt photos, instead of leaving them out. Adhered together with washi that stuff.

 Aww, look how little Ryan is! And how little Christy is!

 And even littler, visiting Janny's cottage and flying a kite with Benjamin.
Sushi. Cherry tree. It's pretty Asiany. From a fall collection.
An extra page using the rest of a Fancy Pants line.
 And another line.
 A page for my boys' doctors visit pictures perhaps. If I ever get around to scrapping those.
 I like the randomness of this page.
Boys. I keep making these blank boy layouts, and I'll just have to plug in pictures and they'll each have a completed album!

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