Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jane's Tweets 2014

Each year I print out my kids' tweets and create an album. They're my favorite albums to read over...some of their sayings never get old, and some become classic sayings around our house!

I finished up Jane's album from last year after I got inspired by the paper I bought specifically for it from a scrapbooking store in Pine City. That's what I love so much about non-digital the texture and colors of the paper in front of you can inspire you to get something done!

I have a Twitter account for each of my kids. The app on my phone makes it super easy to write down the funny things they say immediately so I don't forget them! By the end of a year, I have a book that really represents much of the things they were thinking and feeling and talking about. I love it! I add pictures that are silly and also representative of their personalities, and I love putting the two together to remember each fun age. The best tweets come out of kids when they are 3-5, I think.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and read some funny stuff! Jane's tweets are classics!

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