Friday, May 13, 2011

Lovin' We R Memory Keeper Pages Protectors!

 So I started Tyler's growing up pictures! I ordered a few lines especially for these pictures. This is a MME line that Stop 'N' Scrap had for 60% off, so it was less than $4!

Tyler's Mom was really great at writing the date on the back of photos, so it was pretty easy to organize them chronologically. I don't usually scrapbook that way, but rather by event or theme when I have a bunch of unorganized pictures.

But for Tyler's book, I knew I wanted to use these We R Memory Keepers pages protectors. I thought it'd make the album go faster and be simpler, especially where there were two pictures for a birthday or twelve pictures for a year (so different, back in the days of film camera!), three of which aren't very good pictures. I take 12 pictures of the same facial expression these days! :) I'm glad Tyler has so many pictures from his entire life; quite a feat seeing that Tyler was the fifth of six kids!

I like this system because you have your 12x12 pages, and then you mix in these multi-photo pages. I'm using the front and back of the same paper to make the album thinner, and it's turning out so well! (The pictures aren't great because I kept the pictures in the pockets.)
You can, of course, use these 4x6 pages for 4x6 prints, but back in the 1980's they didn't print the pictures that big!
It's like doing mini album pages. I love it!
I had to cut the bottom of the top left corner pocket to fit the Polaroid in; it's too tall to fit in a 4x4 one. Tyler has a lot of Polaroids later in the 80's, so I'll have to plan that in. ;) 

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Darcy said...

Looks great!!! Want to do mine?!?!?!