Thursday, October 27, 2016

At Home with Stacy Julian Album

At She Loves Color, an event put on by Bella BLVD in Milwaukee last weekend, I took a class with Stacy Julian. I love the album we created, and finished up the last few details of it this week after getting home. I'm loving it! I put my address in sticker letters and Mod Podged over the top of the whole front, so I edited that out for the blog. But it's cute.

I had extra photos for the front inside cover, so added them all plus some of the little 2x2 elements. (My tablemate Carrie's idea!)
Opening cover.

Stacy had a quote for us to put on in stickers, but I switched it to this quote. I have lots of quotes on my Pinterest wall that I want to keep visible.

Then the pages. Stacy had her album as an example, and explained the concept, and then set us loose! I liked that, though I was much less productive under those conditions than I was in the classes when we followed step-by-step instructions. So it was better to finish it at home, when I had all my letter stickers and things to add in.

This section was "People in Their Places" and Stacy labeled each photo with their names. I don't think I'll forget who they are, so I didn't do that.

I like how this one turned out. Little strips of different parts of my home.

 This section is "Happy Memories at Home" or something like that. It's very photo-book feeling, instead of scrapbook-feeling. But sometimes that's nice, because it sure goes faster. :) I thought maybe I'd add little flowers and stickers and embellishments to each photo, but decided not to. It's really fine to leave it plain sometimes!

All these memories makes me happy! And it makes me happy to have them all in a book on my shelf!
 I used Stacy's idea of bullet journaling, but decided to write about each photo in the book, so it took up my last two pages.  Easy enough!

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Katie Lund said...

AnnaMarie!! You did an AMAZING job on this!!! I Love all the candid shots of your family LIVING at your house! I love that you finished and it is beautiful! I think you have captured true day to day life at your house.